About us

BLNDNG is a fashion house created in March, 2022. Pronounced ‘Blinding’, we are a brand built to create timeless, borderless and contemporary fashion that pays an homage to streetwear and it’s culture. The label closely focuses on perfecting their range of products relying on the sophisticated fusion of expert craftsmanship, premium materials & close attention to detail.

The brand is aimed towards innovation, authenticity and ever pushing the boundaries to create waves in the world of streetwear. We craft products that are a window of self-expression through design-driven experience & intuition. We are built by a community of individuals who believe in something greater than the ordinaries, who challenge norms in order to build something better. Every piece or collection is crafted to represent the needs of this community.

What more?

We are driven to give back to society as a community and are affiliated with the NAB-India towards all our sales.